Panel VII – E-Mobility

Time: 10:00 – 11:30

Location: The main hall

Moderator: Adnan Rondić

By signing the Sofia Declaration on the Green Agenda for Western Balkans, BiH committed itself to defining and implementing solutions for sustainable mobility at the regional level, including plans for exemplary alternative fuels and construction of electric charging stations and pumping stations, and increasing regional cooperation in the field of infrastructure development for alternative fuels.

Introduction of e-mobility in Bosnia and Herzegovina could provide significant benefits for the environment, the economy, politics, and society. Electric vehicles produce no local emissions from burning fuel. Thus, electrification of transport will be a crucial contribution to improve air quality in cities. In combination with (additional) renewable energy electrification can reduce the CO2 footprint. Additionally, by introducing e-mobility Bosnia and Herzegovina can demonstrate its commitment to reducing carbon footprint and meeting its climate goals. This could enhance the country’s reputation and help it to attract international investment and partnerships.

This panel will discuss the current state and the development dynamics of the transportation sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will discuss the obligations and achievements in this sector with a special focus on the area of legislation. Additionally, it will showcase innovative ideas that are being implemented and stress the barriers within the implementation process. 



Aldina Hadžić

Aldina Hadžić

EO, e-GO, BiH
Armin Hodzic

Armin Hodžić

association for E-Mobility, FBiH Chamber of Economy, BiH

Arnesa Borčak

Project Manager, UNDP BiH

Nedim Begović

Desk Officer, Transport Community (Online)
Sabina Sahman Salihbegovic

Sabina Šahman Salihbegović

Secretary, FBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism, BiH

Sanjin Habul

FBiH Ministry for Mining, Energy and Industry