VI Panel – Electricity Market (Electricity) – Challenges and the New Reality

VI Panel – Electricity Market (Electricity) – Challenges and the New Reality

Main Congress Hall

Moderator: Adnan Rondić

The situation on the energy markets in Europe since the middle of 2021 has been marked by global disturbances in the natural gas market and rising CO2 emissions prices, which have spilled over into the electricity sector. The combination of these factors, along with the general trend of increasing consumption, has caused unprecedented record high electricity prices, which currently amount to 250-300 € / MWh (for comparison, previously it was around 50 € / MWh). So, observed compared to the same period last year, prices in the wholesale market increased by about five times. Their growth has caused great concern in the political, economic and social spheres, given that the level of wholesale prices inevitably reflects on the level of prices for end customers.

During the panel we will discuss issues related to the causes of disruptions in the electricity market, the impact of disruptions on the business of electricity companies and electricity traders, the impact of disruptions on end customers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ensuring security of supply in the future, measures taken by countries in the region with a view of protecting customers from rising electricity prices and assessing future trends in the electricity market.

10:00 – 10:15  Introductory presentation, Risks and risk management strategies at electricity market.: Marko Bislimoski, President, Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB)
10:15 – 11:30  Panel diskusija


  1. Almir Imamovic, Head of Tariff and Market Department, SERC
  2. Dzemo Borovina, Head of Supply Department EP BiH
  3. Koraljka Kovačević Markov, Director of the Department for Public Electricity Supply – MH “Elektroprivreda” RS 
  4. Ervin Leko, Head of Market Department, EP HZHB
  5. Igor Glibic, Head of Tariff and Market Department, FERK
  6. Marko Bislimoski, President ECRB
  7. Nada Ceranic, Head of Tariff and Market Department RERS