Panel II – Leadership of the Legislative Branch

Panel II – Leadership of the Legislative Branch

Main Hall

Moderator: Adnan Rondić

Continuing on from the discussion on Panel 1, the objective of the second Panel is to bring together the legislative branch representatives from different political parties to discuss about their programs for the upcoming elections and how do they plan to address the numerous challenges related to the transition to clean energy. Can they jointly work to help the citizens go through the energy transition in smooth way? How can they expedite adoption of the energy sector laws?

We will ask these questions to the representatives of political organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and introduce them and inform them about the key challenges and problems in the energy sector. Together with the representatives of political parties, we will seek concrete answers and proposals for action in the coming period in order to accelerate and successfully implement the process of transition and reform of the energy sector. 

16:30 – 18:00  Panel II: Dialogue with the Legislative Branch


  1. Branislav Borenović,
    The Club of SDS, PDP and DNS MPs – House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly
  2. Damir Marjanović,
    Independent Delegate – House of Peoples of the FBIH Parliament
  3. Edita Đapo,
    Mixed club of SBB- PDA MPs – House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH
  4. Lazar Prodanović,
    Delegate of the Club of the Serbian People – House of Peoples Parliamentary Assembly of BiH
  5. Mirsad Pindžo,
    NIP Member of Parliament – House of Representatives Parliament FBiH
  6. Sanela Klarić,
    MP NS – House of Representatives Parliament FBiH
  7. Saša Magazinović,
    The Club of SDP BIH MPs – House of Representatives Parliamentary Assembly of BiH
  8. Šemsudin Mehmedović,
    The Club of SDA MP’s – House of Representatives Parlamentary Assembly of BiH
  9. Tomislav Martinović,
    HDZ BIH Delegate – House of People Parliament FBiH